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Mallorca Electrical Instalations

As an extension of our comprehensive commercial interior services, Nordicpol also undertakes the design, installation, testing and maintenance of electrical systems, including, but not limited to the following:

Power supply and distribution

An exponential increase in the amount of everyday office equipment that requires power has driven the need for versatile power distribution solutions that give the necessary flexibility to accommodate evolving office layout and usage.

Fire detection and alarm systems

We provide a tailored service for the design, installation and support of fire detection and alarm systems that are both effective and unobtrusive.

nal and security requirements, either supplied individually or as part of an integrated building system.

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Security, CCTV and access control

We can design, supply, install and maintain a range of security, CCTV and access control systems tailored to meet your operatio

Networking and cable management

Business today relies on the fast and reliable distribution of electronic data, so it is key to implement an infrastructure that will deliver now while having the capacity to meet future demands. From small moves to the design and installation of enterprise-wide infrastructures, QED can provide the solution you require.

Energy saving lighting and lighting control systems

Lighting of commercial buildings is a key area where massive reductions in energy usage are achievable. Our expertise in energy-saving lighting systems can reduce your lighting costs by 75% while simultaneously creating enhancing the working environment and ambience.

Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting is a legal requirement in any commercial and business establishment to ensure the safe evacuation of all occupants in an emergency situation. We can offer complete emergency lighting installations, complete with ongoing testing and maintenance to ensure full compliance.


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